Happy Valentine’s Day

This is a day that for some is pure joy, for some grief, and for others simply disappointment.

Wherever you stand today, keep it in perspective.

Some of you are well loved, but don’t appreciate it because you don’t love yourselves.

Some of you are grieving lost loves, and not celebrating the days these loves brought you great happiness. Yes, even if they proved to be fool’s gold, you get to celebrate the beauty that was shiny.

If you lost the authentic, you are still rich beyond measure. It’s still in your heart.

If love has eluded you, never underestimate the wonders of life. You still may stumble into it. If you don’t, I wonder what other special gifts you will receive instead?

If you are disappointed, ahhhhh – you failed to remember that you can’t control others. Meet your own expectations and don’t hand off your joy to others.

Valentine’s Day is a rather silly day, but truly it is what we make it. Love yourself, love others, and grab all the love that is sent your way and hold it in your heart.

You are a precious gift. You are unique and special. You are light to the world.

Throw candy hearts wherever you go. Metaphorically, not actually. Actually would be too messy. Every day is a good day to cover the world in love. Why not today?

One of my favorite quotes I have seen lately.

“Come live in my heart, and pay no rent.” – Samuel Lover

Celebrate the day! Here’s an imperfect rose just for you. We’ll call it special and without equal. Like you.


  1. Same to you Kim

    Here fragment from lyric I wrote called Mapping Stars through the Fires

    Like all lyrics they are like contents of recipe the ingredients that tell the story

    Let me know what it speaks to you and sense of expressionism it portrays

    Mapping Stars through the Fires

    Lately I’ve been stumbling to just get my feet out the door my head is spinning into a state of chaos when will this insanity stop

    When life used to have a joyful purpose for me with you by my side we will go for late cruises sitting in the back of my truck with our feet hanging over the edge as we are mapping the stars hearing the fires crackling in the dark of night

    Chorus: Many nights I lie awake at night in the solace of the dark thinking how did I get to this point I’m at why did you have to leave me so lost and empty handed watching the stars all on my own E.O.S -Primal Repr





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