Meet Me

This is me…

I’m a 62-year old woman from North Carolina who doesn’t feel much older than I was in my 20s. How does time fly so quickly? But I have changed, and I believe it is for the better. I’m more adventurous. I’ve learned that saying yes is usually better than saying no. Well, unless it is something I don’t want to do or a commitment I don’t want to make or my schedule is over-taxed….then I can say no, and not even feel like I have to give an explanation.

I have a short attention span and a mind that overthinks most things. I’m comfortable with both at this point.

My passions are my faith (you don’t have to believe the same as I do, but as the center of my life I may talk openly about it), hot air balloons (and the community of people of all ages who surround them), writing, travel, and living my purpose in the world. I don’t always know what that purpose is, but I fumble around and sometimes I realize “That’s why I’m here.”

I love my community, my family (I’m single, never have been married, and have no children…but one of five kids so there are a lot of us and luckily I get to share life with them) and the quirky little things in life that remind me I believe in the wonders of providence.

Read what I have to say, follow me (please!), and feel free to comment or send me a note! I love dialogue and encouragement (both given and received!) and new ideas and challenges.

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I’d love to connect and appreciate each read, follow, and comment.