When Trees Fly

My friends the Klingers just had their annual 4th of July celebration…..held in June, because unfortunately when you set a holiday on a specific day, sometimes it doesn’t fall on a weekend.  Which is why we should just keep it to  “Independence Day”…..and declared it to be the first Saturday in July.  Oh wait…. it would need to be the first FRIDAY in July, so we still get a day off of work.

But that is all beside the point.  The absolutely awesome fireworks show started with the igniting of the Klinger Christmas tree.  Who says they should just be thrown out after Christmas?  They are of so much more value than that. This year there was first a series of mini explosions (sparks flying), then the tree went aflame, then at the end the tree literally jumped up in the air in victory!  (Well, that is what I saw.)  An exceptionally great beginning.  I simply cannot do it justice with words.

One thing that most of the Klinger friends have in common is we like seeing things blown up.  We like explosions.  We like fire.  And the slow controlled power of something igniting.  Marc is a master of making this happen.  We sit and wait in awe as the whole thing enfolds.  For someone like me, who thinks watching fireworks is one of the greatest pleasures in life, it is an evening of pure delight.  (The company is pretty good, too.) 

For the month of July I am going to be personally walking my way through the book of Proverbs and think I will share my thoughts in my blog.  Proverbs is a great book to read during months with 31 days, because there are 31 chapters in the book.  It’s also great for someone like me with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), since it is a series of thoughts of how to live life and you can essentially just pull out one sentence and have it change how you look at life.  It’s written by King Solomon, who was really wise and long on common sense….but like most of us, didn’t always do the right thing.  It’s still great stuff.  Most of us probably have the experience of receiving some of our best advice from people who know what to do, and can tell you what to do, but don’t necessarily have everything together in their own lives.  Truth is, most (if not all) of us who give each other advice fall into that category.

So Chapter 1 of Proverbs for the first day of July….has a lot of talk about wisdom.  The first sentence of any writing sets the tone, and this one is no exception.  “This is the beginning of knowledge.  Only a fool rejects wisdom and good advice.”   

Wisdom is seen as a woman in Proverbs and she does have a bit of an attitude.  In verses 26-27  “Wisdom” says “So when you are struck by some terrible disaster, or when trouble and distress surround you like a whirlwind, I will laugh and make fun.”

Yeah, a little hardcore, but also a lot of “I told you so” and “You knew better!” 

So many of the explosions in our lives are the result of our own making.  We don’t seek or listen to advice, we don’t abide by principles we were taught growing up, we don’t listen to warnings from friends or family.   We not only reject them, but we laugh and sneer at them.  Often that means someone gets hurt in the bargain.  Sometimes ourselves.  Sometimes others.  And at that point it doesn’t matter if you have learned your lesson.  Once you have rejected it, wisdom has no currency in the situation.

The Klingers don’t just throw a bunch of fireworks out there and light them.  There is actually thought and preparation that goes into it all, and safety is always considered.   There is caution on the front end and on the back end.  (I do my part by staying away from the igniting.  Quite frankly, Ursula, knowing how much grace I was blessed with….would probably physically remove me from the scene if I tried.  She likes her house.  Some people should never handle fireworks.  Though if you have a sparkler…send it my way!)  Not thinking things through can mean disaster…..but a little forethought means a safe, fun and memorable time for all.

I challenge you to join me in reading a chapter of Proverbs a day for the month of July.  Whether you believe what you read or not, you’re allowed to share your opinion.  The great thing about this book is that there are lot of lessons to be learned.  I’d like to hear your thoughts.  We all just may learn something.   And we may increase the fireworks in our life…..the good kind….and ignite something that has been laying dormant! 

(I am also participating in Patsy’s Firecracker 4000 squat challenge for the month of July.  I hereby commit to doing 4,000 squats in the month of July.  That’s 129 a day.  So far today I have only done 20.  My knees are creaking as I do them.  But it will get done…and hopefully get easier as the month goes on!  You can join me with this, too, if you would like!  Do you know how much I hate squats?)


  1. Ok, if you can do the squats with me, I can do Proverbs with you!! So I hereby commit to reading them each day through the month of July. 🙂


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