A New Year of Auld Lange Syne

Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And never brought to mind?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And auld lang syne?


For auld lang syne, my dear,
For auld lang syne.
We’ll take a cup o’ kindness yet,
For auld lang syne.  


I found myself singing this song this week, as we do at this time of the year.  I know this is a song of the Scots, but even with my Welsh heritage I realized I didn‘t really know what most of it means.  I knew it is talked about remembering the past and moving on to the future (I saw “When Harry Met Sally”) and also picked up there’s a bit of drinking going on there.  But why that song to end and start each new year?
I’ve always been a bit cynical about New Year’s, but yet I also get a bit emotional. I’m pretty sentimental and personally I want to hang on to the old year.  The moving forward stuff… I’m not always sure that is what I want to do.  Not that I am opposed to change.  I rather like it.  But a whole new start?  Nope….not usually what I want.
I don’t like resolutions and don’t ask me to make any.  Resolutions aren’t usually good for me.  I’m a rebel.  If I set myself up with a lot of “have to’s,” after a while they get on my nerves.  They become chores….regardless of what they are.  Even if I was the one to make the “have to” list.  Oh, I would keep the stupid resolutions, but I would grow to hate them.  As soon as the year was over, they would be gone by the wayside.  I don’t like to make promises and not keep them, and while that is the New Year’s tradition for others, it‘s not a habit I want to get into.
Yes, I do plan to do some things better.  December is a time when I fall out of a lot of routines (some because of my own negligence, some because we stop everything for the holiday) and really….do I need to spend all of my year eating whatever I want and not exercising?  But I am not giving up sugar in January as many others are, I am not going on a strict diet, and I am not putting immense pressure on myself to come up with bunches of new workout goals.  I want to live my life in moderation.  I want to eat well, because I feel better when I eat well.  Plus, having been raised with a good foundation of nutrition, I crave healthy food.  I want to eat at home more, and not in restaurants often, because I eat healthier when I am at home.  And I want to get in better shape….because I want to fight this aging stuff.  It’s time….I have neglected it long enough.  But I will not make promises about it and put myself under any crazy pressure.  
I’m signed up to run a 10k in April, and I want to run all of it (or at least most of it), so I will probably do a decent job of getting back on track with my running.  But I also plan to drop my Y membership….I am not going and find that for me it’s not what I need right now.   I need to be realistic about what is working for me and how I can make things easier for myself.  And I need to be responsible with my money and not spend it on things that I am not using.
It would be great if I made a resolution to completely clean my house during 2013 and actually follow through, but we all know me….if I have two choices and one is cleaning my house, I will almost always choose the other.  I don’t honestly see that changing.  My closet needs to be cleaned out….there are clothes I have not worn in ages, and probably never will again, but there they sit.  They take up space and I selfishly hoard them…..when someone else just may like them or need them.  But still….while I want to take care of that, I will not promise to do either of these things.
While no true resolutions will be made by me, when I looked up the modern translation for the lyrics to Auld Lange Syne,  I decided I like the attitude of the song.  One thing I can resolve going into the new year is to try to keep to its spirit. 

Long, Long Ago (Auld Lange Syne….in our English)

Should old acquaintance be forgot,
And never brought to mind?
Should old acquaintance be forgot,

From long, long ago?

And for long, long ago, my dear
For long, long ago,
We’ll take a cup of kindness yet,
For long, long ago

And surely you’ll buy your pint-jug!
And surely I’ll buy mine!
And we’ll take a cup of kindness yet,
For long, long ago.


We two have run about the hills
And pulled the daisies fine;
But we’ve wandered many’s the weary foot
Since long, long ago.


We two have paddled in the stream,
From morning sun till dine;
But seas between us broad have roared
Since long, long ago.


And there’s a hand, my trusty friend!
And give us a hand of yours!
And we’ll take a deep drink of good-will
For long, long ago.

So, on this New Year’s Eve I will remember those I have loved who no longer live on earth.  I will be grateful for the times we shared and remember that the great gift they left with me was not anything material, but instead was the memories we built.  I will try not to feel cheated for the days we didn’t get, or regret what we didn’t do, but instead appreciate the precious moments that we lived together.  And when I do things that they would have enjoyed, or something they would appreciate brings them to mind, I will smile to them.
I won’t forget those I love who are still around and will try to increase the memories with those who care to join me (I have learned that this is something I can’t force anyone to do.)  We will travel the world, we will run, we will walk, we will wade, we will paddle, we will pick the flowers, we will eat, we will drink, we will work, we will increase the kindness, we will lend a hand when needed.  We’ll be good friends and good neighbors and good family members. And we will smile to each other.
I will continue to work on that relationship with my “auldest acquaintance”…the God who made me and try not to be a stranger.  I will take the hand that is offered and not do it all alone.  I will accept the love and the gifts given and will smile with gratitude.  
The years pass too quickly, but each new one we get is precious.  This should be the year we live how we would live if today really was precious to us.  Extremely precious…worth something.  Because it is, isn’t it?  It is my new year’s hope for you.  For us all.  In memory of those who left this earth before us, and even today teach us how to live well.

Happy (and precious) New Year!!!


  1. “Newe”? But I say if you go into the new year knowing them, or if they are the kind of people you feel you have known forever, you can call them “auld”! (Kim's rule.)


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