A Normal Day?

Before I went to bed last night our local paper, the Record and Landmark, posted on Facebook that there was a wreck near my neighborhood where two people were killed.  They did not yet have identities of those involved.  I said a quick prayer for their loved ones and those public servants who were dealing with the accident, and my next thought was “I hope it wasn’t anyone I know.”  Made me pause when I realized it….as though the life of someone I didn’t know would have any less value and be any less of a tragedy.  I went to bed, shaking my head a bit at myself.

I go to bed and I woke up about 4 this morning with a paralyzed neck.  You know….when the pain sears through you if you move it one iota.  But you know you need to move it, and tiny micro-movement by tiny micro-movement you do it.  Ouch!   Not sure why it does this….possibly because I lay completely still and don’t move it.  (And never replace my pillows as as they say you should.)  The pain, and interruption of  my sleep, was annoying and unappreciated.

I finally went back to sleep for a bit and when I woke up the next time, I just felt at peace.  My neck was still a bit stiff (still is….15 hours later), but I felt good.  And happy.  And content.  And ready to start the day.  So I did.

I signed on to my work computer and my mind started thinking about all of the things I had to get done.  While the computer was booting up, I glanced at Facebook.  It was then I found out that my friend Dorothy’s husband had been one of the people who was killed in the accident.

My stomach immediately did flips (the bad kind) and it seemed to cast a surreal pall over the day.  Not only was Dorothy’s life forever changed, but our community was forever changed by the loss of this bear of a man who was bold and brave and a presence wherever he went.  Woody was a world changer…and kept fighting to change it more every day…..and our world is changed without him.

Our world was no less changed, I am sure, by the other lady killed in the accident, who was a 65-year old kindergarten assistant at the elementary school up the road.  Someone still spending much of her life impacting young children.

But…today our world was also changed by the birth of another friend’s grandson Ryker.  And another friend who KNEW her grandchild was going to be a boy (because Ashleys always have boys!), found out she was going to have a granddaughter.  Both events made me smile.

Today we also celebrate the first birthday of Mason, a little boy who has fought and fought for life this year.  It’s also my friend Brenda’s birthday.  And yesterday was the 3rd anniversary of her death.

I worked, and accomplished and got through the day.  It was a horrible day.  It was a wonderful day.  It was a normal day.  It was a day that the world rotated on its axis, but maybe with a microscopic jerk or two.  Drama happening all around us.  Moments created we will never repeat, we will never get back.  Often we don’t notice them because we’re not looking around… we’re stiff necked and moving creates pain so we don’t move.  But we must.  Because as we continue to move, life continues to happen.  The drama of life is precious and worth experiencing and celebrating.  And our time on this earth is way, way too short.  Twist that neck and notice where you are needed now.  Don’t waste a moment.

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