100 Random Things For Which I Am Thankful

  1. Velcro (really….first thing that came to mind)
  2. Razor sharp wit
  3. Protein bars
  4. Friends with low expectations
  5. Health care (regardless of its problems, a system that heals people)
  6. New running shoes (they still jump higher and run faster)
  7. Deep tissue massages (Yea Diana!)
  8. Solar lights
  9. Free stuff
 10. Cushioned chaise lounges
 11. 75 degree weather
 12. Policemen, firemen, paramedics, and servicemen (especially those who happen to be women!)
 13. Books.  All books.  Even those I don’t like.
 14. Well designed bras
 15. My Pampered Chef stone cleaner (the tiny plastic wonder)
 16. Dean Smith
 17. A well placed cross
 18. Clever lyrics
 19. Things given in secret
 20. Dove’s real woman advertising campaign
 21. Kindness
 22. Trouble – the game, not the thing some of us get into too often
 23. Tinted moisturizer
 24. Trader Joe’s white bean hummus with Woven Wheat Wafers
 25. Fireworks, especially Klinger style
 26. Anne of Green Gables – yes, the old PBS one
 27. People who use their talents to help others
 28. Smoothies (a day’s worth of fruits and vegetables in a couple of glasses)
 29. Firebirds chocolate cake with salted caramel sauce
 30. Politicians who are public servants
 31. Big, plush bath towels and little thin washcloths.
 32. My garage
 33. Responsible pet owners
 34. Giggle time
 35. People who can keep a secret
 36. Stretch denim
 37. People who give judiciously
 38. Common sense
 39. Attentive drivers
 40. Brilliance
 41. Anything Nerf
 42. 75% off
 43. Merchants whose stores are open when I can shop
 44. Repeated characters in books
 45. Maple trees in fall
 47. Jacuzzi tubs
 48. Good advice
 49. People who live their life out loud
 50. Family
 51. God laughing
 52. Do gooders
 53. Silence
 54. New hot air balloon pilots
 55. People who need people
 56. Pictures that remind me of the past
 57. Long term friendships 
 58. Clean sheets
 59. An empty dishwasher
 60. A big, diverse world
 61. Caregivers
 62. Freedom
 63. Humble churches
 64. A good Facebook status
 65. Happy endings
 66. People willing to lead
 67. Discovering my mind in a liar
 68. Hammocks
 69. 24 hour grocery stores
 70. Songs that make me smile
 71. Waterfalls
 72. Good beating evil
 73. A good customer service person (not a complete oxymoron)
 74. Passion in action 
 75. Tough love
 76. Zip lines
 77. Christmas lights
 78. Dr. Seuss
 79. Sorrento’s
 80. Downtown Statesville
 81. Delayed gratification gratified 
 82. Hard work rewarded
 83. Organ donors, blood/platelet donors, and donors to medical research
 84. Surprising myself
 85. New life
 86. Sunscreen
 87. Post it notes
 88. Miracles
 80. Saved concert seats in heaven
 81. Love as a verb
 82. Opinions, matching mine or not
 83. A well-placed rainbow
 84. A body healthy enough to work out
 85. Dolphin sightings
 86. Watching kids grow up
 87. Vibrant sunsets
 88. A paycheck
 89. Silly souvenirs
 90. Balloons passed from friend to friend
 91. A good date
 92. Amazon.com
 93. Sharp knives
 94. Hugs
 95. Snuggling under a blanket
 96. Friends who cook for me
 97. Kayaks
 98. Rocking chairs
 99. Velvet scarves
100. Each moment of living

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