I Love……..A Colorful World

I love A COLORFUL WORLD. Certain friends are amused at my love of colorful food. I admit I seldom eat from a totally bland plate and yes, I am particularly excited when I see one bursting with color. Several families (you know who you are) make fun of me a bit when they notice that they have fixed a meal that would meet my color requirements. Some tell me about it later and say, “We were having dinner and your name came up. It was pretty and we said ‘Kim would be so proud’.” Yes. Yes, I would. (And it is OK to text me a picture of your pretty meal as some of you have done. Even if on one hand you are making fun of me.) Pretty food is nutritious food. Well, usually. When it is natural. Those who have tried to tell me that “magically delicious” cereal qualifies…no, it does not.

I also have a tendency toward bold folk art….lots of colors, lots of different and unique colorful people. It makes me happy to see these scenes. And the photography of beautiful scenery…. the world on fire with sunsets, the colors of the Grand Canyon, blues and turquoise waters filled with colorful fish. They kick my heart into gear.
I also love colorful clothes. With my love of black, it may be hard to believe that I love to see beautiful colors in fashion. Even with my mostly black wardrobe, I love a pop of bright color. Some of my friends dress brightly and boldly and I can’t wait to see what they will put together next. Yes, I think black is the best, but it gets more beautiful surrounded by color.
And then people. I can’t imagine a world that did not have people of all skin colors, hair colors, and eye colors. It took me until late high school to really understand the existence of racism in our world. I was raised where that was not a consideration. It must have just gone over my head, since I know now it existed. I always attended integrated schools and saw skin color on the same level as hair color. Kids learn prejudice….and thankfully I was protected from ever developing those thoughts. I had good adults in my life. In college I learned more about it. My dorm had a high racial mix, so often my suite was half black and half white. There were a lot of conversations. A lot of experiences shared. Some of my naïvety dropped, but my beliefs stayed the same. For me it would never matter. Who you are is more important than how you look. Even at your cutest.
I hate when I am filling out any sort of form when note of my race is required, for no good reason. It seems to me to have little value most of the time and reminds people that this is a difference in them that separates. I believe I will outlive this info bracketing, and some of my friends are making this probable. What race do you put down when you can check most of the boxes? I love those who check them all…because that is their truth. Our races are mixed. Most of us have more variety than would show on the surface. To group us due to our outside shell, shallowly misrepresents us.

How can racism still exist today? I don’t understand it, but I still see it. I still hear snide comments, made to me because they think I would agree because of my skin color. No, I don’t. And it’s not just in the white community I hear this. Folks of all races can be racist. Once again, because I am comfortable mixing with folks of all colors, I hear the comments. It’s never right….never a quality of which you should be proud. I’d say it makes me uncomfortable, but truth is it makes me angry. But yet, I always prefer when people are open about their feelings. We need to talk about it. Whatever you believe, stand up for it. But know if your beliefs are racist, I will fight you. Not physically, but with words, logic, and love. I know God, the artist who created all of these lovely faces, will be standing with me.

I don’t want a color-blind world. I used to say I did, and I have realized I wouldn’t like that either. How depressing that would be! I want to live in a colorful world where we embrace and celebrate every single color. Who you are is not the color of your skin, or the color of your hair, or the color of your eyes…..but neither is that something that should ever shame you. Enjoy how you were created….that which makes you the amazing creature you are. But your color can’t be your cornerstone. Your number one identity. You are much, much more, not something that superficial that you were gifted with and that was not earned. 
Whatever colors you bring to the mix, add to the masterpiece. Our people, our places, our things, our food….so much more beauty than exceeds any crayon box.  Let’s celebrate it. I just love our colorful world!

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