I Love……Fires

I love FIRES. Not the nasty destructive type that damage homes and businesses and people and such, but wonderful warm fires burning in the fireplace.

I haven’t ever warmed up to gas logs, though that is what I have in my home. Currently they aren’t working, though my brother Scott tried cleaning them out and putting them back together last year, but nothing seemed to work (have I said lately what great brothers I have?) So now they just sit there. I’ve admittedly never gotten comfortable with them and lighting the pilot light has always scared me a bit. (Pilot lights always scare me. Yes I could blow something up. No doubt! My brothers have indulged me in the past by coming and lighting them for me. Like I said….great brothers.) But even when my gas logs used to light, though pretty, they just didn’t put off enough heat for me. I don’t know….do I get new gas logs or just continue to go without? I hear newer ones are warmer…but so far they just don’t excite me. Though the remote controls they come with….yeah, that I would like.
I like real fires in real fireplaces, with chimneys and wood logs and kindling. Those I can light….and they always warm up the room nicely. I love that smoky smell they put off, and the way they make you feel cozy and toasty warm. I like heating one side of my body and then turning around and heating the other side. I like to sit right in front of them and see how long it takes me to move away because of the intense heat. Then you lay on the floor and put your feet in front. Oh, I miss the fire games.
One of my dad’s famous family quotes was “It’s too cold for a fire.” (Famous family quotes….those things you say that your family never forgets.) Yes, we have mocked him quite a bit over that. But yeah….though I may have mocked him, my guess is that he is possibly/probably right. In fact, I am sure he has explained why to me….but some things I don’t care to know. If it is cold, I think a fire should be lit in the fireplace.
While I am an excellent firestarter (with real logs, not with gas logs), I have had a couple of smoke outs. So, let me remind you to open the flue. One time not doing it would have taught most people. I like to really make sure things are engrained in my mind. After one incident, someone came up to me at work and said “It smells like someone is cooking pigs!” Ummmm…..no…..and shut up!
So anyway, on this chilly night in NC, if you have a wood fire burning in your fireplace, know that I am jealous. They will always say home to me, and I will always miss the beauty and warmth that I may have taken for granted a bit growing up, as we had fires in the fireplaces on every cold night. But maybe they weren’t taken for granted….even then I knew I loved fires!

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