Springing Forward

I hate springing forward. I know, I like what is coming. I enjoy having longer days and feeling like I am not driving home from work in the middle of the night. But tor now,
losing that extra hour of sleep, dragging around for a couple of weeks as I get used to the time change (yes, for some of us it takes that long)…it’s not fun.

When it gets down to it, I just am not the “spring forward” type. I have never liked jumping into something new. I like the way things have been. I like moving slow. Some people seem to spring forward into everything they do….I sort of hate those people. I am naturally reticent.

I am the toe in the pool type. It takes me about an hour to get my whole body in. Toe one goes first. Then the rest of my toes. Then my foot. I’ll put in one foot up to the ankle. Then the other foot. After an adjustment period I will go in up to my knee. I stay there a while. Take one more step down. Eventually make it up to the waist. That’s when it begins to feel especially excruciating. I stay there a long while. And so on and so forth. The only time I take a bit of a plunge is when the water is at my neck. Then, and only then, I may stick my heard under. Even then I will not like it. But a few moments later I am wondering why it has been so hard. Come on in….the water’s fine!

This is one of those things that annoys me about me sometimes. It would be one thing if I loved the process, but I am also naturally impatient and practical and this process takes precious moments of life. Why can’t I be the kind of person who makes a flying leap and jumps in? I have no clue. That’s just not me. I’ve learned that is how I was made. I have accepted it. And really….is it a big deal? I have to spend the moments of my life doing something. Eventually I can adjust. I am OK with it. Why must everything in life be a rush?

Overall I really don’t hate change. It is necessary for life. My friend Allie observed this weekend that  I will accept change that is thrust upon me, I just don’t go looking for it. That is the truth. While I am not going to hurl myself in the pool, if I happen to fall in I can handle it. While I hate time changes, and think they are a bit silly, it’s not ever going to be anything to which I give too much energy. It’s a minor irritant in life. Change is one thing that shows us that life is going on and we’re part of it.

I must add a disclaimer. Happening to fall in the pool is one thing. Someone throwing me in the pool is quite another. In either case I will eventually make the best of the bad situation, but they who throw me in the pool may experience a bit of wrath. I know that the Lord claims vengeance is his, and I am good with that, but I also think we’re a great team and sometimes try to help out. God eventually reminds me I am not needed and I am really not as good at it as he is so eventually I will bow to the master. I am getting better at doing this sooner. All in all, I will forgive, eventually. There are just other things I need to spend my time on and I don’t need that extra weight on my back. This human being stuff is complicated and difficult and a process….but really, it’s best to gain perspective on all of this sooner rather than later. Especially knowing our nature.

While I will never be someone who gets excited about springing forward, I will adjust. Possibly slowly. Let’s face it….what choice do I  have? We can whine about the situation or we can enjoy and explore the things that come to us as a result. If we move on ahead, spring comes. The warm breezes, the flowers, the rebirth and refreshment. I’d rather develop a plan to give myself what is needed now, to go to bed early as I adjust, and enjoy each day fully. The important thing is that we don’t try to stay where we are. The pressure of standing in the same place causes the rut to start to get deeper and deeper and soon we are in over our head, and life has passed us over in the meantime. So come on…. let’s spring forward! Join hands. One-two-three-go!

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