The List – Number One -Things I Dislike

There are those times that you have to make a list. Just to get your thoughts together. To clarify things  in your mind. Sometimes it is to remind youself what you believe, so you keep yourself more purely you. What we believe….we don’t always do. Reminding ourselves of it…it’s a good thing.

I’m feeling like it’s one of those times for me. So here it is…..10 things I dislike. You are welcome to add your own. And yes…I have mentioned some of these before and will again. I am really a simple girl with a simple mind of only so much depth. Truly, though, I don’t really dislike that about myself.

  1. People who tell untruths. I could just say lies….and they are…but you know. I am talking about what some see as grey areas. Specifically those who compliment people about something and they don’t mean it. They just want to bond and be thought of as nice. Of all the wonderful things they could say truthful, they pick something false. Because they are too lazy to say anything other than what is expected. Don’t give false compliments. Find something true…and kind …and say it.
  2. People who throw trash out of car windows. Especially cigarette butts. Yep…this can cause road rage in me. I find myself speeding up to “catch” them….then realize I have no idea why. Perhaps a citizen’s arrest. I watched too much Andy Griffith as a child and feel I have that right. Yeah….I quickly get smart again and slow down. But I’m glaring at you, horrible person.
  3. Icebreakers. Yeah…I hate having to participate in them. Not many great words begin with K. And it falls in line with my introvert hatred of small talk.Let me have a real conversation and I will bond. But I hate “social on demand.” 
  4. People who do good works for their own self-interest. Let’s take all the rewards out of it, and see who shows up. 
  5. Dictators. You know….people who think leadership means they get to decide it all. Annoying. And yes, I have done it. I was wrong. Though my excuse was no one would make a decision. I probably should have worked a bit harder at that.
  6. Not leaving things better than you found them. Places, jobs, relationships, life – don’t walk away until you leave something good.
  7. People who stay at home from a public event because “they weren’t invited.” Yes, most of us have done it. Hey you….you have the ability to invite others. And if one says no, keep going. Refuse to take it personally. Who wouldn’t want to hang out with you? 
  8. People who think “the good ole days” were perfect. Nope….imperfect people lived then, too. As Ecclesiastes says “There’s nothing new under the sun.”  We may recycle dumb things, and put a new spin on it, but don’t act like these things were the first downfall of man. That happened a long time ago.
  9. People who will not commit. I’ll call my family out on this one as an example, (Because most don’t read my blog.) Someome sends you a text to see if you are attending an event. The appropriate response is to reply. Yes, no, or maybe with an expiration date. I love you…but you make me crazy when you don’t.
  10. People who say we should never talk money, politics, or religion. Yeah, go ahead and live in your fantasy world…,but some of us think these are the most important topics in life. We care people live under crazy debt. We care that our political system divides us instead of unites us. And some of us think where you are spiritually is the heart of who you are. So not talk about these things? It may keep a few arguments at bay, but becoming Stepford people (for those confused, Google Stepford Wives) doesn’t leave the world in a better world than they found it. They are not real people, Have the conversations…but with respect. And while there are times it is fine to make others uncomfortable with what we say, know when you’re doing it to provoke instead to lovingly change minds.
Ten things are easy. It would easy to list more. But time to stop….for now.

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