Friday Fun in Statesville, NC

A great night in Statesville, NC.

First we went to cheer on a locally based charity, Purple Heart Homes. They’re a great charity to get to know….the brainchild of two veterans who returned home with a good knowledge of some of the needs of those they served with and those who had served before them. They were both injured and our community surrounded them with support, but they saw others who did not return to quite a welcome. Their charity has done great things and yesterday we celebrated 500 veterans served. You can read more about them here. They also have a Facebook page, where you can see the Facebook Live they did with the announcement. Caring, good hearted people and a great charity to support.

Then it was on to our downtown art crawl. This is a fun event our downtown folks put on periodically where local businesses open their door to showcase local art..,and serve a few refreshments, while showing what they do.

This was new to me. An incredible mosaic goddess. I should have gotten a full view shot, but the detail was marvelous.
New sculpture in our city’s sculpture garden.
Kim makes beautiful creations from magazines! Jewelry, Christmas tree ornaments, and other fun stuff.

So I wasn’t great at picture taking and realized I got very little of the art in pictures. I mostly just got a few pictures at our city’s sculpture garden (where they are displayed, some for sale and those that resonate are bought to beautify our city), the trolley that allowed me to get from one end of downtown to the other with two feet that had gotten cortisone shots earlier in the day. Anyway…,that rabbit is my new love and may get a permanent home in our city, I hear.

We made a nice couple, I think
The trolley is coming for us!

And I focused on some of my people, so will show a few of them. I’ll also give you a bit of our local music…caught Eli Yacinthe playing a bit of James Taylor.

My buddy for a full night of activity
One of my fave people….soon to be hot air balloon pilot
Some of our amazing talent in action
My great niece and boyfriend
Niece and nephew
Eli Yacinthe – Enjoy this tune. Check out his Facebook page.

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