An Afternoon at the Carolinas Raptor Center

The bald eagle

I have passed by the exit with the brown sign indicating the Carolinas Raptor Center was there for years now, always thinking I needed to visit. Today I was finally able to make that happen. My friend Bette and I took a self-guided tour.

A raptor is a bird of prey. Think vulture, owl, eagle, or hawk. The Center began looking after injured raptors about forty years ago. Raptors are injured by cars, running into glass windows, hunters, power lines, and other such things.

The first goal of the Center is to repair their issues and return them to the wild. If they can’t do that, they make a home for them at the Center.

A hospital for raptors (and sometimes other birds) is on site, though the public is not welcome there. We are welcome to tour the homes for the more permanent residents, who are magnificent.

Though the tour is self-guided, there is ample information around to read about the birds yourself. On weekends guided tours are available.

Taking pictures is difficult through the fence, but I managed to capture a few I can share.

I recommend a trip if you are in the area. It was closing time when we left, but we definitely could have spent more time there, I’ll be back!

The entry fee for adults is currently $12. A small price to pay to support their great work.

For more information about the Carolinas Raptor Center, you can go to their website.

Statue at the entrance
Statue at the entrance
Bette checks out her wingspan. She just nay be a golden eagle (wingspan of 6-7.5 ft.)
American Kestrel
Crested Caracara

Saker Falcon

Lesser yellow headed vulture – Check out that wingspan
And the lesser yellow headed vulture at rest
King vulture

Great horned owl


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