Love Month – February 17

I love live music.

I live in a place where we have a greater share of talent than most places.

It’s certainly bluegrass country here, with deep and rich roots. Many of the top bluegrass musicians in the world have played here, at venues most would certainly call humble.

A few years ago you had to be in the know to be aware of some of the venues or house performances. Now on weekends you can catch music at most eateries and drinkeries downtown and it is spreading to those all around the county. Many of us try to hear local live music each weekend.

I’m proud to know and follow some of these musicians. Some have already appeared in my blog from time to time. Their talent amazes me and makes me proud.

Most of these local musicians are not getting wealthy from their music (yet), though hopefully we are a community that’s supporting them enough to put some smiles on their faces. They do it for the love and perform beautifully for full venues or near empty ones.

On occasion I’ll run into a performer while career I have followed and it is obvious they got off course. I suspect they believe people are oblivious to these things, but unfortunately it’s all too obvious as they perform. The thing about music is, if done well, they lay out their soul for others to see. Some pain adds to the patina, and with a shine of hope it’s compelling.

But when that soul is completely fractured, and hope is lost, you see that, too – and it breaks the hearts of those sensitive folk watching and listening. The wails of the broken are a certain kind of music, but usually not pleasant to many ears. The noise becomes overwhelming.

That sad soul is not the norm here. We mostly are surrounded with those who are filled with the joy of music – and it’s infectious. They sing their hearts out, and yet the next time you see them that heart has just grown stronger.

I love live music, because it allows me to see passion, heart, humanity, and talent up close and personal.

“Live music is the cure for what ails ya.” – Henry Rollins

A bit of the live music this weekend in Statesville, NC. Wendy Wooten at Southern Distilling Company. Video by me, so a shaky pan for flavor. 😂

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