Leaping Through Another Weekend in My Town

Not from the weekend, but from our church’s Ash Wednesday service. We burned our concerns. Oh….and I love how our pastor Steve Shoemakee applies the ashes. As he applies them to our foreheads he says “From ashes you have come, to ashes you will return. From love you have come, to love you will return.” I think I got that right. I found it touching and beautiful.

I love Leap Day. It seems like we’re getting something extra. I would like it better if we made it a holiday and got a 3-day weekend. It seems right, doesn’t it? It should be a free day. A paid free day.

Mine was busy. Met some girlfriends for lunch, then one of those women and I met another friend to go walking. It was a bit chilly and the park where we walk was actually closed (it’s in a flood plain), but we still were able to find a creative route that for the most part kept us out of flooding. I forgot to take pictures. That’s OK….my pictures this weekend are a bit lacking anyway.

Then I went to the 60th birthday party for a friend from high school. My high school class is turning 60 and it is quite fun. I had to leave the party early due to my other plans, but fun seeing a couple of former classmates (I almost typed old!) and seeing children and grandchildren. My friends raised some pretty families!

My niece Spenser’s boyfriend Lucas Beaver played his first solo acoustical show Saturday night. My pictures and video are a bit dark, and the trek from the front door was between him and me. But here they are. My phone was dying so I only had a few short minutes I could video.

My beautiful niece Spenser and Lucas before his show
Lucas Beaver in his first solo acoustical show
Lucas Beaver

And them onto another downtown venue where my great niece Sela’s boyfriend Eli Yacinthe was playing with his band. Or was it an orchestra? They had that sound down!

Eli is just 19, but has big talent. And I got to hang out a bit with Sela, who I adore. Later in the night when I was trying to get some video, but dancing butts were making their way into my shot, I tried to get her to trip a lady with her awesome boots. She wisely doesn’t listen to the bad influence in the family. So there’s a reason I never got a full song.

Blurry, but I thought this was a sweet picture of Eli talking to Sela during a break.
The Eli Yacinthe Band
The Eli Yacinthe Band

And that is my life in Statesville, NC this Leap weekend. Have a great week.

P.S. I forgot! Friday night I saw Proof, put on by our local Statesville Theater. It was a fantastic production. They do good work!

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