Happy Birthday To Me

Well the time has come. I am actually 60! It’s weird. I received messages from some of my friends from growing up and it seems like we were just 14! We probably still interact the same. Yet we’re grownups, most with grandchildren. Like I said, weird. W3’re too young, but we’re not!

Many wonder why I am so open with my age. Why not? First of all, I try to be authentic. Then there is the fact I live in my home town, where a ton of people would know if I lied. And then there’s that other thing. I have received more years than a lot of you, I win!

Age is a great gift. We don’t change it by lying about it and we should not be ashamed by it. We should embrace it. I’m already tired of ageism and we need to get over it. If you are lucky enough to get to live a long life, shed the shame.

So about my birthday. It’s not a bad thing for an introvert to pass a milestone birthday during Covid. It was relatively uneventful, but that was fine with me.

Some ballooning buddies landed in the road in front of my house on Saturday.

Then on Sunday a fly-over turned into a fly-by. They didn’t get over my house, but they were up the street.

Still very cool and fun to watch them come toward me on a great tracking app called Glympse.

Friends dropping in

Glympse, by the way, is an app that can be used for a lot of things. If a friend is having difficulty finding your house, you can Glympse them and they can see where they are in relation to you and even map themselves to the destination. If you’re traveling via caravan, you can keep up with the other vehicles. Wondering where your teen is? Have them Glympse you and you can follow their trail. No, I get nothing for the endorsement, but it is a handy app. And great for chasing balloons.

Back to the birthday. I had lunch with my sister and brother-in-law, my niece and her boyfriend, and my mom. It was great! Then my friend and I got takeout for dinner. We watched Hulu as we ate. I know – exciting! But a suitable birthday dinner for an introvert.

I do have a spa weekend to look forward to when Covid does down a bit. It’s a tradition I share with a friend on our five-year birthdays.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the pictures and video. I enjoyed the experience.

The fly-by
Another on its way
They were at a quick pace
And one more! A good morning!

Celebrate each day like it’s your birthday.


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