Volunteer Day With MedAssist

Last year I heard about a group called MedAssist, a non-profit here in North Carolina that helps uninsured people get prescription drugs, but also offers free over-the-counter drugs to people in communities.

I had to back out of volunteering at the giveaway in my county last year, and said I would make good on that commitment when I could. Yesterday was that day.

The usual over-the-counter giveaways are set up like a store, where people can pick up a variety of medication and other supplies. Now in this COVID world, they’re doing it drive-through. Most people go online and pick what they need, and the group does its best to fulfill those orders.

I spent most of my time as a runner, grabbing bags and taking them out to the car. My feet were sore, and I was sweaty and exhausted at the end of the day, but what a great opportunity to volunteer for a cause I believe in. I’m glad organizations like this exist.

For more information on MedAssist, you can find their website at https://medassist.org. This is a good resource for those in North Carolina without insurance who need prescriptions. As a non-profit, they run by donations and volunteers. so if you’re looking for a great organization to support I recommend them!

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