Statistics Coming To Life

As a writer, often I read and comment on the work of other writers. Recently I commented on an impassioned piece from another writer on

She told the story of a woman, a nurse and mother of three. The woman had COVID. Her husband had it, too.

She didn’t want to go to the hospital, but finally she knew it had to happen. Her husband had to drop her off at the ER, but could not go in with her. Understandable, but still heartbreaking.

She waited 21 hours for a hospital bed to open up. Alone. Breathless. Unable to advocate for herself, nor have anyone with her to do the advocating.

Several days later they intubated her. They turned her on her stomach, hoping it would help her breathing. It worked for a while, but then it didn’t.

She was 61-years old. A year older than me. The last text she sent her husband said she was scared.

She died yesterday.

As of today, November 3, 2020, two hundred thirty seven thousand, three hundred and eleven people have died from this virusin the United States. Each one of these people were alive at this time last year. They lived life, loved, struggled, worked. Did wonderful things and stupid things. They were humans. Like us. Like the ones we love.

Statistics only mean something if you look beyond the numbers. This was another beloved face. Though I have never met her, or even this writer who wrote about her, it breaks my heart.

Can we do better?


  1. There a lot variables and moving parts

    The bottom line without President using executive decisions and looking at the bigger picture if was left up to those that think Socialism is the answer 2 million plus would be dead.

    There is a lot more going on than ppl truly realized Kim

    Hope all is well Stay Safe and Keep Strong



    1. There certainly are a lot of variables and moving parts. We shouldn’t need executive orders. Adults who have heard the facts still don’t believe them and won’t observe executive orders even if given. They won’t do simple things to protect others. I’m not living in a castle with a moat. I am seeing people regularly, but I am trying to limit the people I am around without a mask. Especially when I am inside. I am not as cautious outdoors, and I don’t believe you need to be. Employers who don’t need employees working on site are still requiring it, even if they have high risk employees. Most, even health-related organizations, don’t seem to understand the basics – such as hand sanitizer is worse than soap and water and can even be harmful if people don’t know how to properly apply it. Yet even when I went to vote yesterday they had to soray hand sanitizer on me, as I continued to hold my purse and keys in my hands, recontaminating immediately. And people were not six feet away from each other, though most at my polling location were senior citizens. I don’t feel as though I am at huge risk from the virus, but you never really know. People such as my mom are at risk and not all who are dying were in high risk categories.

      I’m still hugging a few people, especially some I know that are fighting depression and need human contact or kids that shouldn’t grow up without affection. My life is quite isolated day to day just due to my focus on work (which is done at home) and taking care of my mom. There is a balance that needs to be met and I’m not one who lives in fear.

      I go to restaurants to eat with friends about once a week or to a bar to listen to music. I try to limit that to places with some distancing ability and who seem to respect the virus.

      I’m not perfect and don’t expect others to be. But respect for the virus is important. Most of us can do better.

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      1. As Morgan Freeman says” I don’t understand your level of stupid but I do respect your commitment to it”

        I don’t see how so many so-called social soldiers think if they destroy and massacre enough that their entitlement will be given to them.

        These ppl have no logic or even righteous reasoning in their cause

        The fact they actually think Sleepy Joe won is atrocious

        Trump 95% voted Sleepy Creep 5%

        Including Arizona, Florida, Pennsylvania Creepy’s home state won by Trump

        In Kentucky the DNC invested 88.7 million dollars into their launch trying to dethrone Mitch McConnell in the end didn’t even get a t-shirt out of it lol

        Ppl have had enough and see the DNC for what they truly are corrupt car salesmen and women

        Facts don’t lie

        Also, things going on with me they think because I have asthma flare-ups that I have symptoms of Goddam Chinese Virus Piss Off!!

        So now I need to wait it takes usually 2-3 Weeks for things to run its course been 2 weeks already.

        Then I can see how extensive the damage I have done to my hip may or may not.

        Glad to see you are in good sports Kim and staying positive



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