Mooresville Arts Sponsor Student Art Show

As someone who didn’t get any genetic talent for art (it all went to my siblings) and never learned art along the way (probably because it was hard!), I get excited by the art of others.

I just covered the Mooresville Arts 17th Annual Youth Art Show Competition for News Break, and as usual there were some extra photos I didn’t get to use with the article.

You can find my News Break article here (and please follow me if you don’t already), and enjoy a few extra glimpses of the art.

I included the judges note to kids about criticism because I think it is a great message that all can benefit from of any kind.

But seeing these pictures is not the same as seeing them in person. Head over to the Old Depot in downtown Mooresville, 103 W. Center Ave., before the show ends on March 25 and get excited about the talent of these amazing kids.

By the way, that top photo is by third grader Isla Swierad from Statesville Christian School. I’ve known Isla since before she was born, as she is one of the triplets born to my friends Mandy and Matt (they also have a son.) You know how I like to brag about the kids I know. Isla’s sister Chapel got third place in the competition and siblings Maty and Hobbs also had entries.

Briele Stiel – 1st place – 9-10 grades
Ansley Joyce – Third Place – Grades 6-8
Norah Woodward – 1st Place – Grades K-2
Bailey Killian – 1st Place – Grades 6-8
Olivia Mankos
Eli Zimmerman

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