Strawberry Fields Time

I loved this image. A dad, well I don’t know for sure it was a dad but he sure looked like one, picking strawberries while this sweet little boy examines what looks like a dried out strawberry.

It was precious. In my opinion picking strawberries is a wonderful thing for parents to do with their children. You teach them food doesn’t grow in the grocery store. You teach them about how things grow. You teach them how living things can die and so how to treat plants with care.. You teach them that growing food is hard work. And you teach them that strawberries fresh off the vine are delicious. They not only take home the berries, but they take home the pride that they helped “make” them

A lot of people take their kids out to pick strawberries. You get a good glimpse into their parenting style. Some are like this dad (is it a dad?), really spending time with their child and nurturing them through the experience. They communicate as they do it and afterwards get to take home the berries and delight in the deliciousness.

But there are other parents whose focus is on their cell phone, as their kids tramp all over the plants. Killing plants and berries and making a mess that costs the farmer money, but for which they feel little remorse. Actually no remorse because their cell phone was more important than experiencing the time with their children, and they had no clue what they were up to as they were doing it.

Our town mostly is made up of people who respect farmers and farmland, though, so the bad “apples” are not in abundance. But they do show up.

I haven’t picked my strawberries yet. I have been by the farm on weekends and keep meaning to get by in the week when it is less busy. But I have eaten a piece of strawberry pie, made by my mom. It was quite delicious. It’s a good strawberry year in North Carolina.

Don’t let strawberry season pass you by! While we are experiencing it in NC now, I know June is the month for other states. Yes, you can buy them in the grocery store, but get out and support local farmers if there are some in your area. You’ll get fresher berries and will actually remember that a lot of your food is grown over a periods of months by people whose livelihood is at the whim of Mother Nature. Those people are your neighbors.

Here’s the News Break article I did on one of our local strawberry farms. It’s hard work, but they do it with smiles on their faces.

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