A Cat Cafe? Yes!

It was raining here in Statesville and with a young friend visiting from Albuquerque before we set off for balloon camp on Tuesday (I’m finally going to balloon camp at age 60!), we were looking for things to do. A friend was Googling and said “you could go to a cat cafe.”

What? I’d never heard of such! But my young friend Kierstynn had and she was game. So why not?

It’s a great concept. This is actually a nonprofit cat rescue that houses 12 adoptable cats, working in concert with another local rescue organization that gives them the cats and handles the adoption process. People like us come in and pay to play with them. Some folks come not just to play, but to see which cat, or cats, they want to adopt.

A cat water fountain

It was a fun way to spend some time. I admit I took my iPad because I thought I would be bored after a few minutes, but found I loved just being there. I can’t have a cat where I am going to be moving, so I just may have to go back and play with cats to support their mission.

Here’s the link to the article I wrote for NewsBreak on the experience.

So, do you need a cat? I recommend these! Kierstynn does, too.

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