So Much Going On

August was a great month, yet I failed to share it with you. I had some lovely and memorable moments. Life has seemed a bit chaotic lately. Does anyone else feel the same way? For me most of it has been good.

The month began at a private music festival out on by my friends Bob and Lisa Barber. It was a small, private outdoor festival with incredible performers. My friend Bob knows talent! He and Lisa are also so hospitable. They prepare the lion’s share of the food and their friends bring side dishes, desserts, and snacks.

Some friends at the music festival

It’s called the Mountain View Music Festival and you can get a taste of the music here. Gee, I loved putting together that video! I can revisit as time goes by.

The Acoustic Citizens, my friends Peter and Eva

I interviewed a brand new author, Claire Kohler. Her book “The Secret of Drulea Cottage” is available in paperback and on Kindle. It’s a fantasy with elements of suspense and romance, about a midwife in eighteenth century Scotland.

I also interviewed a local dog trainer and learned that the company she contracts with to teach these obedience classes not only trains her and other dog trainers, but trains rescue and search and rescue dogs, operates a nonprofit and does almost anything related to dog training that you can think of. I not only observed an obedience class, but a scent training class. When it gets down to it, training dogs and ourselves is quite similar!

Scent training – this dog will be trained to find drugs

And then I spent a spa day at Westglow Spa in Blowing Rock. I turned 60 in the midst of the pandemic last year (hmmmm….we’re still in the midst of the pandemic, I think) and 61 recently, while my friend turned 65, We celebrated with a full day of pampering, though my deep tissue massage was quite painful after a couple of years of no massages. But the therapist was great and though I had a few twinges the next day, I felt so much better!

A view from my massage room

There’s probably more to tell. You can follow me on NewsBreak for stories on these things and more. I do enjoy writing about the fun things that I get to do in life.

Oh, and I had my colonoscopy this week. I know most people don’t announce that to the world, but having lost a couple of amazing friends to colon cancer people are just going to keep hearing it from me. Please don’t be afraid of them. If you are over 50, have a history of it in your family, or have any of the signs, please get it done. We like you on this planet.

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