A Walk Through Town and Around the Neighborhood

It was a beautiful morning for a walk.

In the summer I moved about a ten minute walk from our downtown in Statesville, North Carolina. I love our downtown and it is a joy to walk there.

t took me a bit to start regular walks. Has anyone else been in a slump? Several weeks ago I finally started taking regular walks again. Not to see the beauty, but to relieve the stress. I was working a contract job that I enjoy, but one that is a challenge for me. I have been a part of a call center for the benefits enrollment of large companies.

Oh, I love talking to these people, but eight hours a day is exhausting for this introvert. I live in North Carolina and was working on Pacific time. I normally love these hours, but this year it wore on me. I felt exhausted when I wasn’t working and didn’t have the energy to do much else,

Am I simply getting used to the flexibility of my “new normal” life? I don’t know, but I look forward to getting back to focusing on writing and my family and friends and travel. Plus little personal goals like regularly donating platelets. I’m passionate about doing that, though it’s an hour away and then requires 2-3 hours there. I’m not meeting my personal goal, Especially with a cruise planned later this year.

But back to walking. I noticed quickly how fun it was to see the Halloween and fall decorations. But right now, oh those leaves!

This one was actually from Greensboro yesterday.

This morning I was meeting my niece at her salon so she could work on trying to get my hair to the color of silver gray we have been working towards. My hair has been a bit obstinate. Today we got it, but that’s not all that important. Though it did make me happy.

Her salon is uptown and I was late. I thought if I drove it would be best. Walking I would only be stressed and possibly late. I walked anyway.

The walk to the salon was focused on getting there as fast as possible (I was only a few minutes late). Oh, but the walk home was glorious. I reveled in the autumn. The colors were the work of an amazing artist. They fell as though they were dancing, creating patterns on the sidewalks, showing color in almost every direction.

I said hi to all I saw and got in a few good conversations with neighbors. One gentleman was struggling in his walk. He has surgery recently and is trying to use it. I didn’t know him, but was so proud of him anyway. He told me his eye was also bothering him. A recent cataract surgery didn’t work, so he was having laser surgery next Thursday to correct it. He was nervous. Having had LASIK surgery 20 years ago, I was able to encourage him.

Another has a gorgeous tree in her yard donned with a yellow and red-white-and-blue ribbon. I asked if she had a soldier overseas. She said no, it was for Americans still in Afghanistan. That’s a good reminder to put in my path every day. She and I were not in agreement about some aspects of the removal of troops in Afghanistan (I don’t feel there was a good way to do it, but have not wanted our troops there for many years.) Still, a lovely cordial conversation where we were each heard.

Enjoy the pictures. Many people get depressed at this time of year. They feel the depth of the leaves dying around them. If that is you, please talk to someone who can help. If it is bad, make that a professional. They can help you develop a plan to get back in equilibrium.

I myself am energized at this time of year. I revel in the beauty. I even revel in the piles of dead leaves. They’ll be back in the spring. Maybe the same, maybe different. Just like us.

And my contract job is done. Yesterday a friend and I drove another friend to the airport in Greensboro. We ate a late breakfast (I’ll write a NewsBreak article on that soon.) And I actually bought a new lipstick and got a sample of a new tinted moisturizer. Will makeup become part of my life again? We’ll see!

Tomorrow I head to Abingdon, Virginia to visit with a dear friend since high school. She’s a photographer and is participating in several exhibitions around town. So lots of art and time with a friend who knows me well. I can’t wait.

But soon I will catch up on writing. I hope!


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