Celebrating Life’s Events With Your Friends

This us my friend Bob. He is 70 today.

We had his party last night, planned by Bob and his family. They give great parties.

Many of us wore tie dye, because Bob loves tie dye.

He also loves music. An amazing band played last night, led by Eli Yacinthe. Eli and friends are very talented and you’ve probably seen clips of them on my blog before.

One time was at the private music festival Bob puts on each year, Mountain Shadow Music Festival. He’ll throw that again in August. He’s quite excited about his lineup. I am, too. He has great taste.

Bob gets people to celebrate life. He is full of joy. He knows turning 70 is a gift and not something to run from, but to run towards.

I am a strong introvert and truly not a big party person. There have been many parties I attended where I went despite the nausea. There were others I went to even though I turned around a couple of times on the way. Still other times I have cancelled out at the last minute, unable to muster the courage.

As someone who has hosted parties, cancelling at the last minute for no good reason is unforgivable. I’ve lived those moments of wondering where guests are, looking at all the food and drink I bought for the number that said they would attend. Having those panic moments that no one would show up. Having only a few show up when so many others said they’d be there.

I almost backed out last night. I had given platelets and came home exhausted. I took a short nap, but wanted a longer one. I didn’t have all the ingredients for the dish I planned to fix. It all seemed hard.

I decided I’d make it work. I wanted to go.

A friend I had promised a ride to the party, who had previously told me she wasn’t going because she didn’t think she would be back from another engagement in time, messaged she would be able to go after all. Extra incentive.

I am so glad I went.

Celebrating life together is a gift. Being invited to a party is being invited to share joy.

I saw a few friends I hadn’t seen in a while and had good conversations with new ones. I enjoyed the music and enjoyed celebrating Bob.

It poured with rain during the concert. There were tarps up, but they filled so self-appointed “rain herders” would lead the water off the tarp. They’re experienced – this happened at the festival last year, too.

Just so you know, if you have walking sticks you’re very popular with rain herders.

Hang out with people who celebrate. Hang out with people who invite you to their special events. Hang out with those who see that the show goes on in spite of the rain.

And appreciate getting older. It’s a good gift.


  1. Hi. New here. Love this. I’m planning a surprise party for my husband’s 50th birthday and suddenly thought yesterday, “what if no one comes?” Surely someone will come- everybody loves him. I think it’s just the thought of the possibility that it could go either way, that’s a bit unnerving. Love the tie dye idea.

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    1. Oh, people will come, but don’t feel bad asking if you haven’t heard from people so you have a decent count. Some are forgetful, some are rude. Even if you end up with just a few, you’ll have a great celebration. I think we had around 70 for my friend Bob’s 70th, which is pretty cool (it was impossible to count since people hung out in different places.)

      I thought I was going to a graduation party yesterday. I was running very late and after picking up the present I realized I had no idea where it was. Finally ran home and looked at the invitation, took off for their house, and realized in their driveway I got there the party is next week. I’ll find out later if they had cameras and were laughing at me or wondering why I came over and didn’t go to the door. 🤦🏻‍♀️

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      1. Wow, 70 is a nice size party. That sounds fun. I bet you’re right, people will come. Seems like parties can go opposite ways: will anyone come OR what if everyone comes and I don’t have enough food, haha.

        Oh my goodness, running late and a week early. That made me chuckle about a possible camera.


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