Acu-Chiro Appointment Two

So yesterday I had my second acupuncture-chiropractic appointment.

So, they obviously went gentle on me the first time.

There was some pain this time, but when I think back upon the purposeless pain I have suffered in the past year, I will not complain about a bit that just may help all of this to go away.

We started in the chiro room this time. I’ve decided this is the best way to go. We got most of the painful stuff out of the way there.

They did what seems to be a massaging of the IT band and lower back first. When this massaging was soothing Wednesday, it was quite painful on Friday. Think of the pain as you would the next day after an intense workout, but with someone pressing down on it. The pain stopped when the massager stopped, though.

Chiropractic was next. He adjusted a lot more this time. He used a small torture instrument on me for part of the time.

OK, that may be an exaggeration, but it hurt quite a bit.

As he finished, I said, “Not my favorite.”

He grinned.


We then went to the acupuncture room.

Where I laid on my stomach last time, this time I laid on my side. This position seemed to work better.

I felt no pain this time when the needles were inserted. He seemed to add a few more. We upped the electrical current this time. He’d ask me to tell him when I could feel it and we adjusted both until they were stronger than last time.

Oh, I loved that current this time. It was so soothing. Next time I’ll try to get it higher (maybe I’m a masochist.) It was a very pleasant 15 minutes or so.

It’s been 24 hours since my appointment and it all feels so much better. I’m not feeling the numbness or the “pain at the touch” I was feeling prior to the treatments. I’ve taken nothing for pain or to reduce inflammation.

So yeah, I’m quite excited. This just may do it. Monday is the last scheduled treatment. We’ll evaluate then if future treatments are necessary. I hope they are not.

One thing I like about this guy. One of the things that has made me wary of chiropractors is I have felt as though they want my soul for life. I have refused long-term treatments, but it was uncomfortable. Good thing I am stubborn and can say “no”.

I’m suspecting this guy is different. I hope I am right. If so, I’ll have no fear of future treatment if anything else crops up. He will be my go-to.

It will be amazing if I can drop this issue off my problem list! When something has impacted your life for a year that you believe should be rather easily fixed, when it is continues on and on it is quite frustrating.

I’ll update again next week.

(The picture is another one from last weekend’s balloon festival. I figure it is a better visual than the chiropractic office.)

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