The Feeling of Christmas

“City sidewalks, busy sidewalks dressed in holiday style, in the air there’s a feeling of Christmas…”

Oh, Silver Bells! Most of us hear that song and it makes us smile. It reminds us of all of the things we love about Christmas. “The feeling of Christmas.” The beautiful decorations, kids sitting in Santa’s lap, finding the perfect gift for someone we love….such a happy time. We walk around in our Christmas bliss and don’t see some of the people who may get different images in their minds. For some “the feeling of Christmas” takes a very different definition. Consider….
🎄Those who have lost someone they love. Someone with whom they always shared Christmas. It could be due to death, the end of a relationship, or to distance. There is a hole in their heart this year and nothing feels the same. 
🎄Those for whom more tasks are added to a load when they felt like they were already about to break. They may smile and make your Christmas brighter, but inside they are on a short tether.
🎄Those struggling financially. Trying to pay bills already had them feeling like they were drowning. Trying to give the good boys and girls all they deserve….their head is underwater. 
🎄Those with health issues. Forgive them if they’re not singing at the moment. They are a bit pre-occupied. Their best gift is not found under the tree, but is in the hands and minds of the medical folks around them, the researchers who give them hope, and the treatments that may work for a cure.
🎄Those who are scared. It may be due to people in their lives….abusers, or addicts, the sick, or the weak. It may be due to life situations. It may be for a reason they can’t even identify. But the fear is overwhelming and the holiday makes it seem worse.
🎄Those who are addicted. Be it drugs, alcohol, food, people pleasing…addiction overwhelms and isolates. It sneaks up on someone as a thief, and puts a mask on that appears to be them, but is really just a facade.
🎄The “-less” ones – The homeless, the hopeless, the heartless….those missing something that they may never even have ever had.
🎄The lonely. They may go through the motions, but they just want to get through the days. 
🎄Those who hate. 
🎄Those who don’t share your Jesus.
If you celebrate Jesus, be it Christmas or any day, you need to appreciate his people. This crowd all around you? He has created each and every one of them. They are his masterpieces. The ugly, the broken, the dirty, the hurt, the troubled, the mean, the poor, the glossy, and the pretentious. See them. Love them. Celebrate them. Bring Jesus to them. Change the tunes of those silver bells so they are not an unbearable noise, but instead are sweet melodious tunes that make them want to dance. The feeling of Christmas is not a good one to all…perhaps you can help change that. It’s a worthy goal.
A joyous Christmas to all! Come….let us adore him!

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