The Plank Challenge

This month I have been doing a plank challenge with a group of ladies through a group one of my Facebook friends organized. I joined in….mostly because the end result was a two-minute plank and I thought “How hard can it be?”

When you haven’t planked for a while…ummmm…..very. Some days it wasn’t bad. Early on it was downright easy. It didn’t take long to get hard. At one point I asked the others “Shouldn’t a second start feeling shorter?” But no…..each second seemed interminable.

I go against all of those fine examples of positive thinking when I do something like this. While others speak encouraging words to themselves, my mind repeats ‘I hate this” and “I’m not going to make it.” Somehow it works for me. When I used to run, the whole first part of my run was repeating “I hate this, I hate this, I hate this” for each stride. Later on I just got catatonic. Runner’s high? I still don’t know what that is.

But I got it done. And this month I plank…..and hate it every day. It does not come naturally. It is excruciating.

Even though the challenge is not yet over, I made myself do the two minutes this morning. I needed to know I could. Which means several more days of doing the same. And I won’t enjoy it. I won’t think I can do it. But when it’s done? I’ll remember….

“I am Kim McKinney. It may not be easy for me, or fun, but I can do hard things.”

You can to! Find a challenge for September. Any challenge that makes you uncomfortable. You can do hard things. And hey, it’s only a 30-day month!

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