Focus on the Nice

I love this. Maybe we should not only talk to kids this way, but also other adults. Does anyone else feel like too often our conversation veers in the opposite direction? Maybe the good ones will become our focus, and their comments be those we inhale and let become part of us, and we’ll give less power to the joy stealers. If you’re letting the negative folks try to deflate your soul, give it a try. Ignore them and focus on the nice things people say to you. The nice things you say to others. Encourage someone today. Don’t crush their soul.


  1. This post fit perfectly into Pat Cegan’s “Source of Inspiration” post today. The art of seeing people’s souls would encourage us to be more kind and would help us eliminate or at least learn to ignore some of the hurt that’s out there. I love this post, Kim. Thanks for visiting JanBeek and leaving your calling card “like” so I could find you! I’ll be back. ❤

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