Suicide Prevention Month

I understand from my niece Sara that September 1 marks the beginning of National Suicide Prevention Month in the US.

I admit I shed tears when I read a post about suicide from another blogger recently….both his powerful words and the comments that followed (check it out at It’s difficult to put all of the feelings I felt into words when it is part of our story.

I won’t even try right now. Today I am just going to link a few of the blogs I have written about the suicide and loss of Sara’s son Kaelan. I suspect I will have more to say during the month…. because it is so important.

I’m laying around today with a migraine that doesn’t want to leave me, despite doing all the things that normally work. When you have a migraine, often you cannot focus on anything else. It colors your perception of everything. That’s what pain does. It lies to us. It turns the rational emotional. While I have never suffered from chronic depression or anxiety, from those I know who do fight the pain regularly, it is a battle. But it’s not one you have to fight alone. Even though you may feel you are very alone, I guarantee there are folks out here who care. Maybe you just don’t know us yet. Reach out. Don’t sit in the midst of unmet needs without telling anyone what those needs are. Make sure they hear you. If they don’t get it, find someone else to tell. You will find your people.

Here are the links to the blogs. I suspect you are as loved as he was, and that is without measure. There are people who see your shine, your uniqueness, and you bring joy to their lives. Live. Live well. Live joyously. Don’t try to handle it alone. Don’t let the pain overtake the truth and make you believe the lies. Because they are lies. You are here for purpose, not pain.

How are you doing today?


  1. I can understand your battle with migraines.
    I once in awhile suffer with them mostly due to tree nut allerg. However, my mom suffered greatly with them all of her life. We learned how to do things quietly like watching t.v., even how to read a newspaper etc., Her’s were so bad she would end up in emerg to have an injection of Demerol. It was painful to watch her struggle with them.


  2. These days mine are mostly due to changes in barometric pressure. They are not as bad as some (such as I only have minimal light sensitivity), though those days when nothing helps get rid if them I feel myself start to get emotional. I believe the medical community may be starting to get a better handle in helping people with their triggers these days….and the medicines are much better. They certainly can take over your life….and your emotions…so I am glad.


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