These Women

This is just a few of us…..three nieces and one great niece, and me. One day we’ll get pictures of all of us….but these days we seem to be difficult to corral. With my four siblings, the generations keep coming.

Not having children, these are the closest I get. I can’t imagine anything better. I probably would have questioned God’s wisdom at 20, had I known this would be my lot, when I thought a husband and having children of my own would be a given in my life. That was not to be.

Eighteen years ago I had the choice to make to stay with the company I was working with, and the job I loved, to move to wherever they would send me for a new job. I live adventure and travel, so it was tempting. The idea of being across the country (which was a probability) and miss out on the lives of my nieces and nephews made the decision for me. I moved back to my hometown in North Carolina, where they all lived.

I’ve been able to experience the good times and bad. I’ve seen them make mistakes….and recover. I’ve seen them set challenges and meet them. They are all obviously beautiful, but that doesn’t matter in the least. They are kind. They are fun. They are wise. They love me and each other and those in their circles well. How much more beautiful do people get?

Last night we celebrated the one year anniversary of my niece’s salon, which has become more of a day spa than the tanning salon it once was. You can still tan, but you can get your hair and nails done, get some reflexology or a massage, see an aesthetician….all kinds of services.

But that couch we’re sitting on….it is a haven. People know they can come and sit for a while and get a shoulder to cry on, a hug, some words of advice, a break from life, or a kick in the posterior. I believe those services give the most value to our community and I am proud of my niece Sara who understands the importance of her open couch policy.

The women in this picture, and those in our family who are missing (who would fill a room), are strong women….human women. But we’ll get back up when life knocks us down, and if we have trouble there are plenty around to help us up.

Hopefully one day soon we will get a picture taken of the whole family….it has been far too long since one was made. When that happens I’ll share it so you can see my clan. You’ve certainly heard some of our stories over the years.

But for now here is a moment in time….one of many in our family history.

You don’t have to have a perfect family to have a loving family. We have made mistakes, survived tragedies, won and lost, and just kept moving. Together. I recommend it.

These are strong women and we are going to make the world better. How about you?

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