Vacation – Wales

I’m on vacation in Newport, Wales. My mom is from here and so I am seeing family, and even meeting some I have never met before. It’s pure joy.

Yesterday I was able to attend the Remembrance Day parade and ceremony. It was such a beautiful service. Short prayers and songs, no long speeches. Much respect for those who have died while serving and poppy wreaths placed at the memorial for them. It was a special time.

As an American, today I also celebrated Veteran’s Day today. While Remembrance Day is like our Memorial Day (held in May), Veterans Day honors all of our honorable veterans. I know so many amazing people who have served, and appreciate their service.

While I am and have always been an American citizen, my Welsh heritage also holds a special place in it heart. Part of me belongs here, that is for sure. Those who have served both countries hold a special place in my heart and my complete appreciation.

Here are a few more pics from my trip and from the Remembrance Day parade (held the Sunday closest to Armastice Day, 11/11.)

The three to my left are family members.
The mayor salutes the soldiers during the recession.
A proper Sunday dinner. This was what I was raised on.

A cider with my cousin Kerry. One of the first of many during this trip. Cheers to you!

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