Tea and Wine and Music and Lights – Not a Bad Day

We had a beautiful afternoon tea at the Sharpe House this afternoon, a Statesville historic home that is now a small event venue. Keith Rhyne always makes an event special and we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.

My aunt Lynda and cousin Lee Ann.
Me and my mom.
A view of the food.
The menu
Me and my friend Bette.

We walked away with a bounty of riches with the door prizes. Bette won a pound cake and some fruitcake bars. My cousin Lea Ann won scones with all the trimmings. I won bread pudding and orange curd, along with two tickets to the February tea. Buying lottery tickets is worth it!Q

This evening we went to the Wine Maestro, a wine store with a bar and live music. Our buddy Sydney Lett was playing and we tend to follow her around. I’ll include a sub-par video of her singing. Well, her singing is great, but the videographer is not so great. I was a bit too far removed for great video (comfy seats won) and it’s almost impossible to record a video without someone walking by. But this should give you a taste of her talent.

And on the way home we had to take a peak at some cool Christmas lights. I can never get enough!

Hope your weekend is fantastic and you’re finding fun things to do yourself. Tell me about them in the comments.


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