Happy 2020! It’s Going To Be A Great Year!

Three guesses how I started my year! My friends Charles and Kristie had a flight this afternoon, so I went over to hang around a bit. The forecast said possibly windy, so the other pilots stayed home. But Charles was right in his prediction and it was a gorgeous day for a flight.

Here are a few pictures, including a picture of their beautiful barn.

New Year’s Eve was low key. I went to dinner with some ballooning friends and was home by 10:30.

Oh, but prior to that I spent the day with my great-niece Lucy. She is a voracious reader, like I was, and the other members of my family had evilly bought all the books on her Christmas book list (it was meant for me!) I always buy her books, so a trip to my favorite bookstore was in order. (I’ll have to blog about that bookstore in the future.)

She chose her books in record time. We had lunch and talked about reading and writing and life in general. She sparkles as she talks about books, both reading them and writing them. I can’t wait to read what she is writing. She promises I will like it. I am sure I will!

Wishing you all a beautiful year, full of great adventure. Feel free to comment on any special plans you have in the works, trips on the horizon, or resolutions you made. I love to know what you are doing and thinking.

I’m hoping for a new job. You can’t rush these things, but I am ready to work. I’ve also started to think about travel destinations. These can’t be finalized until I find a job, of course, but in the meantime I’ll continue to explore locally. And dream.

I’ll end with a little video of the balloon taking off this afternoon.


    1. I’m fortunate to get to count some balloonists as some of my best friends and there are a lot in my area, so it’s a regular part of my life. I still have that sense of wonder and excitement, though, that I had as a young girl watching them flying overhead as we had PE at school. You’ll see a lot about ballooning in my blog.

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