The Quilt Show

Today I went to a quilt show here in my hometown of Statesville, NC.

I feel confident saying I will never quilt. I can barely sew a button on, and even then it will last through precisely one washing.

But I enjoy hanging out with my friend Debbie, who is interested in quilting, so I joined her for the show.

Who doesn’t love to be surrounded by gorgeous quilts, and colors, and enthusiastic artists? Plus it was raining, so why not?

A few interesting things I found out. There are sewing machines that can sew on their own after being programmed. There are fancy electronic machines for cutting fabric. You can make quilts from material that is printed with photos you take. And lots and lots of people in our area love quilting. Our Civic Center was packed on this rainy day!

Hope you enjoy attending by proxy!

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