Love Month – February 2

I love faithfulness.

Faithfulness means you’re loyal. You’re all in. You make commitments and you keep them. You’re not wishy washy. You’re able to be counted on.

You set up your life to commit to those things that are important to you. The important things in your life do not typically change with the wind.

What are your priorities? Who are your people? What are your life’s commitments? What is your center? Are your time and energy and thoughts reflective of these things?

Faithfulness requires a check-up on an ongoing basis. How are you doing? We get distracted. We do the urgent and not the important. We retreat into ourselves and struggle alone. We forget to live what we believe. It can all easily get out of control.

When you are faithful you show up. Sometimes even when you don’t want to. It’s a gift to yourself and all those around you.

I love faithfulness – because it reminds me there are people you can count on.

“Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.” – Mother Teresa


  1. What a lovely post. Another example for me of the universe providing what you need. Faithfulness and constancy are important qualities that people too often abandon in favour of convenience. Which I regret but must remember does not need to inform my choices.

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    1. Yes! We control ourselves….and not even that completely. While we’d often love to make the decisions for others, and would do a better job than them perhaps, we simply can’t. When you realize that, it is quite freeing.

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