Love Month – February 20

I love a good voice.

I admit that I may even go to the extreme with this. I possibly have disliked some people for no other reason than their voice. Conversely there are people I suspect who I haven’t noticed anything else about because their voice totally captivates me.

I was a Broadcast Journalism major in college and knew an abundance of people with voices that were so great that I could just stand there when they were in the room, close my eyes, and relax. It was calming. It was intoxicating.

Most in broadcast have a pretty fair voice to begin with, but then they train it. I remember telling one friend he needed to record children’s books because his voice soothed like nothing else. I remember going through a stressful time once and a few words from this guy and I felt in control and had a renewed power in my ability to face things head on. Granted he had some wisdom in his words, but I don’t think I would have heard that wisdom if his voice didn’t settle my soul.

It’s that certain combination of the timbre and tone and confidence and pace and power that usually gets to me. A layer of compassion and kindness draw me in, too. They’re the type that you say ”They can read the phone book if they just let me listen in.”

One funny thing about good voices, They are well modulated. They aren’t whispering or shouting…..and people listen to them.

I love a good voice because it is pleasing to my ear and soothing to my soul, and always gets my attention,

”The human voice is the organ of the soul.” Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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