Love Month – February 21

I love those who don’t treat a caution sign as a stop sign.

If you have purpose, you go forward. You heed the signs, but you also ask why the sign is there.

A caution sign is a good thing for us to have in our life. There are things that should make us pause instead of charging forward. What issues do we need to consider? Is there a pothole in the road? Can we safely get around it? Are there children playing or pedestrians crossing the street? is there a bridge washed out that means we need to make a detour?

The sign needs to be heeded, but usually we can proceed forward. Sometimes it just requires a new plan.

There are a lot of huge issues in our country at the moment. The affordability of healthcare, immigration, racism, gender bias, abortion – the list goes on and on. Big, big issues. I often get overwhelmed when I try to come up with good answers to these things that divide us so very much and often cause people to isolate from those who believe differently.

But we can’t put our heads in the sand. These are important issues and the reasons they are not solved easily run far and deep. Stopping will not fix these problems. Charging ahead won’t work either. A bit of thoughtful caution, some strong minds thinking the issues through, and a feasible plan that is just and loving seems to be a worthy goal.

I love those who don’t treat a caution sign as a stop sign, because they drive us forward to solutions that make the world better.

“Prudence is not the same thing as caution. Caution is a helpful strategy when you’re crossing a minefield; it’s a disaster when you’re in a gold rush.” Josh Ortberg

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