Love Month – February 22

I love our hot air ballooning community.

Today we had our annual ballooning safety seminar in Statesville, NC. Balloonists from at least five states are attending. Safety is important and balloonists care about it immensely.

Gee, what a mishmash of people. All ages, all personality types, all kinds of different backgrounds and beliefs and jobs. Yet in some crazy kind of way, we all mesh.

As with most groups, there is history and mythology, feuds and feelings.When it gets down to it, we remember everything, but have selectively short memories. In other words, when the chips are down we’ll be there for each other, but we may tease each other later. Hopefully not about one of the person’s sensitive points, but yeah- that happens on occasion..

Balloonists are typically adventurers, but it is balanced with intelligence and a great knowledge of risk. They are not fearless. Some are even scared of heights, which says something about their ability to conquer hard things on a regular basis.

Perhaps my favorite quality is their amazing storytelling ability. You get a bunch of balloonists together and I guarantee no boredom. At least with the ones I know. What better entertainment for a reader and writer and lover of life?

I love our hot air ballooning community because they are that imperfect family you choose that won’t let you down when you need them….and will make sure you have a good time in the bargain.

“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.” Coretta Scott King


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