Love Month – February 25

I love medical researchers.

There’s this whole group of humans who are devoting themselves to medical research. Some work in labs and some work in the front lines in medical offices and hospitals. Some are just people like you and me, with imagination.

They are paying attention to the smallest of details, to come up with new treatments and cures that may save the lives of any of us or future generations.

We usually don’t know their names.

I’m totally fascinated by the work they do. Some things are discovered from careful tweaking of long time experiments in the lab, Some happen by community – scientists working together to pool knowledge and combine brain power. Some are simply a light bulb going off in someone’s brains, a thought that floats through that they are able to grab. Some are made by patients or families of patients paying attention and offering up ideas.

Here is an article that shows just a few of the big discoveries from 2019.

It’s pretty amazing when you think about it. This is happening all the time.

So much progress has been made, but there always seems to be another disease or another treatment that is becoming ineffective. Still, so many amazing people take up the challenge and dedicate their lives to save the lives or improve the quality of lives of others.

We probably should talk about it more. Maybe more of our brightest and boldest young people will decide to make this their life’s quest. I hope so.

I love medical researchers because they are dedicating so much to help others live longer and more productive lives. They are my heroes.

”Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.” – Carl Sagan

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