Love Month – February 24

I love people who fully engage in life.

Have you spent time with passionless people? Are you one yourself? It’s an odd thing to me. I can’t imagine going through life with no excitement or intense feelings about anything.

The good moments, the bad moments, the scary moments, the sweet moments. To live through those without feeling them fully?

It happens to some people due to trauma or depression. It happens to others because of heartbreak. It happens to some because that was how they were raised.

It doesn’t usually have to be that way. Often therapy helps. Sometimes just focus does it. Other times you just have to get off the roller coaster and breathe.

In my mind it’s worth work, or vulnerability, or making changes in your life, or getting out of your comfort zone.

You were created to be a participant in life instead of a spectator. You are not meant to sit on the bench, but instead to fully engage in life.

Your passion is needed in this world. It helps you fight injustice. It helps you strengthen relationships. It helps you find pleasure in the everyday instead of just on special occasions. It helps you worship God and celebrate creation. It keeps you from walking through life in a fog.

I love people who fully engage in life, because they are serving their purpose and making the world better not only for themselves, but for us all.

”When you cease to make a contribution, you begin to die.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

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