Friday Night Music

We have a great wine store/bar in Statesville called the Wine Maestro that has live music most weekends. It’s a nice casual venue, so we try to grab couch space and enjoy a relaxing evening.

The bad thing, though, is getting a video without people getting in your way.

Last night I thought I had it. If I recorded from the right side, They had moves a table from the front that often impedes viewing. I had a clear shot of the band and it blocked people coming in the door. You can still see them in the background if you look closely.

But then a woman walks right in front of me to get a bottle of wine off the shelf. 😲 I’ll leave it hear anyway because you guys never get or expect perfection from me anyway. 👍🏼

So here they are. The Eli Yacinthe Band. You saw some snippets of them a couple of weeks ago. They’re certainly a favorite. You’ll see why.

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