Saturday Afternoon at the Winery

My favorite bluegrass band, Third Creek Bluegrass, played a show Saturday afternoon. My friend Drew is the mandolin/guitar player and sings, so I have been following them from the start. There have been various iterations of this band over the years, but this little quartet combination is my favorite, I think.

We were at Daveste Vineyards in Troutman, NC, a small town south of Statesville and north of Charlotte. The vineyard is a beautiful place to enjoy wine (I-love their sangria), relax, gaze at some beautiful scenery, and if you’re lucky listen to some music.

The temperature was nice, though grey skies that let some raindrops fall later on, requiring a shift so instruments and musicians remained dry.

I’m giving you several videos to enjoy this time since several have told me you love them. But as you may remember, I typically post raw footage, so you may see some bodies pass by on occasion. This was less of a problem than at other venues, but you may catch one or two. There also may be a shaky beginning or end. But there is exquisite music despite the camera work.

Bluegrass and Celtic music – a great combo to make a beautiful weekend afternoon even better.

“Music is like wine, it ages beautifully – and if you spend enough time you can just sit there and listen to it entirely differently.” – Jim Root

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