Hope For For The Isolated

Well everyone, welcome to our new world. If you’re like me you’ve not quite gotten into the isolation groove. I took my 82-year old mother shopping today after her doctor’s appointment, so I suspect I am going to get a demerit. But the stores were almost empty and we found the perfect rug for her living room. I took her home happy. Hopefully still germ-free.

The picture above is a great thing I got to experience by chance today. My sister manages an apartment complex that my family owns. With the kids out of school as they try to control this pandemic, many families struggle with the extra cost of food due to their children not being fed at school. The teachers and staff are taking the food to them.

My sister agreed to have meals dropped off to her office and she delivers them to the kids in the complex. The bus couldn’t get in the driveway, so we went and met them at the road. Lunch for today was provided, as well as breakfast for tomorrow, and some paper and pencils for those that need it. My sister and my niece filled up golf carts and had everything organized and out to the kids in short order. (And that cutie on the bus in the red shirt is Mrs. Laura Cass, science teacher and wife to my nephew Brennan.)

Teachers are also having to creatively teach. A friend in a neighboring county showed a picture yesterday of stacks of worksheets that are headed to her second graders tomorrow. Kids will be doing schoolwork and parents may need some help. If you have a specialty, get the word out to those parents you know. You can Skype or use another similar app so you can stay isolated but help people who need it.

You know I love our local music, If you want to experience some of it during this crazy time, a friend of mine came up with a cool idea. There is a Facebook page called Statesville, NC Music Scene. They’re going to do some live streaming and keep everyone entertained. Since I can’t get out to see them, I will be watching from time to time myself.

They are accepting tips via sites such as Venmo and Pay Pal, but there is no obligation. But if you want to support some small town musicians with big talent, make a contribution. I know some are sharing tips with servers in some of the local restaurants and bars where they play. There are some good hearts here!

Technology has changed the world, hasn’t it? So much if this wouldn’t be possible without it.

Let’s hear it for all these folks and others who are doing such a great job of being flexible and kind in these times! Look out for those who may need help…..and let people know your own needs when you have them. We do better together.

You may be isolated, but you are not alone. My thoughts and prayers are with us all.


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