The Strawberry Fields Are Almost Ready

My niece Spenser and her boyfriend Lucas Beaver have been busy getting ready for strawberry season. They will open Saturday morning at 8 a.m, for public picking. For those in Statesville, you will find them at 270 Beaver Farm Road, next to Davis Hospital.

I stopped by late this afternoon to take a few pictures and ended up picking a few berries.

Do you want to know the truth? I’ll never make strawberry picking a regular thing. In the past I only ever got freshly picked strawberries because my sister Deryn loves me and would pick some for me when she went.

My sister Deryn, the reason I got fresh strawberries in the past

I’m allergic to much of the outside (including grass), my body overheats easily, and am currently really out of shape. Not the formula for a good strawberry picker. And yeah, picking berries today showed me I don’t enjoy it. Though I did enjoy the people who were picking with me.

My niece Spenser Cass and her friend Lauren Johnson, taking a break from picking

But I love strawberries and there is not much better than freshly picked ones. If you grow your own I commend you. If you get outside this season and pick your own I’m proud of you. I think it’s going to be a fun activity for those who have been cooped up indoors. They’ll be greeting you wearing masks and gloves, so you should be able to stay protected and pick. Wear your own mask and protect them. (They didn’t say that – the over-protective aunt did.)

Those who pay to have them picked, I relate most to you. It’s the biggest bargain going.

Often as I have bought fresh berries I thought they were so very expensive. I didn’t think about the fact they are a miracle made by farmers and God, with lots of hard work and love.

As someone who picked berries today and am quite aware of the hard work others have done to pick them for me in the past, let alone the care it took to grow them, I say savor each berry and know whatever you pay for them is a bargain. Our farmers do not live an easy life and few get rich, but have to love their work, the land and the process of growth. I am proud to know some who take it seriously.

This is the first year that Spenser and Lucas are offering berries to the public. Saturday some local folks are going to be eating some fresh berries off the vine and are going to be proud of the work they did to pick them. It’s hard work, but yet satisfying.


  1. very cool! My mom always took me and my sister strawberry picking when we were little. There’s a couple of farms nearby that are open to the public and we’d spend hours filling our baskets — or in my sister’s case, eating so many her basket was almost empty lol
    When we got home my mom would spend the entire weekend making homemade jelly. These are some of my favorite childhood memories. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Strawberries are my favorite!
    Your pictures remind me of where I grew up. It was around Windsor, Ontario, Canada.
    All through the county you can find fresh fruit when in season.
    Now I will tell you something, a name, that you can identify with. There is a town called Leamington, Ontario. In that town the largest employer was “Heinz”. Leamington is called the tomato capital of the world.

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