Happy Birthday In COVID-times

Happy birthday to my great niece Sela! She is 20 today, also the birthday for her cousin Gus and her uncle Ben (my great nephew and nephew, respectively.)

They threw a birthday parade for Sela, so I decorated my car (badly) and headed on my way. I got confused on the directions, so had to enter the exit so they could see my not-so-fabulous art work. Luckily no one was in the drive when I arrived, but someone came in correctly before I left. Yeah, I drove through the grass to get around them.

My chalk crayons weren’t supposed to arrive from Amazon until tomorrow, but I took a chance that they were going to arrive a bit earlier because they love me so. I was right. They are fantastic and super easy to use. I think everyone needs some during this pandemic. You never know when you need to do a festive drive by!

It was fun. The birthday girl is in the center in black. Don’t I have a gorgeous family? Her Mom Sara is my oldest niece.

It’s a weird time to have a birthday, but what fun it is to make memories doing things like this. And yes, I left her gift of toilet paper and soap. What else?

In other pandemic news two of my besties, college friend Al and his wife Rose and ballooning friend Debbie, have made sure I have gorgeous face masks to wear out. As a reminder, you don’t wear masks for you – you wear them to protect others in case you are asymptomatic. I love these and am lucky to have two so one can be washed as needed. My friend Sheila also brought me a couple of surgical masks to use before I got these. I’m fortunate that I have people who look after their people!

Hope your weekend is going well and you’re finding ways to connect from afar and stay in touch with people. How are you letting people know they are loved?


    1. We did that for a friend of mine and it was a blast. He said it was better because he got to see his favorite people all over the country. It was a surprise – he thought there were going to be four people on the call and there were about 20. I had called him an hour before to throw him off guard. He said ”Did you know about this when we talked?” The only bad part was he didn’t expect it to be long and hadn’t eaten dinner.

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