A Jaunt Out Of Town

Well, we were going stir crazy, so my friend Jan and I went to New Bern, NC for a few days. It’s such a cute place, in the midst of two rivers in eastern North Carolina.

We went to Fort Fisher at Atlantic Beach one day, which is about an hour away. It was a gorgeous day of sunshine. We chose the best day to go weather-wise, though by early afternoon it got crowded and people seemed to ignore any sort of social distancing. It was disappointing since one of the great things about NC beaches is that they are usually not crowded. But we were ready to head out about then anyway, so made our exit.

I did my ADHD application of sunscreen so I look like I have weird tattoos. Or maybe birthmarks. No pictures forthcoming of them, so breathe a sigh of relief. You think you spray everywhere, and then later you have to laugh at yourself.

I had an unexpected video job interview from there. I still have COVID hair, so I am certain I made a great impression. I also only had all black to wear, with no necklaces to give some color, so hope my purple earrings popped it up a bit. I’ll talk about the interview in my next unemployment blog, but no – I have no idea howI did. But the people were nice!

There was, of course, a bit of apprehension about the coronavirus safety precautions, but I felt like they were doing better than they are doing in my hometown. People were conscious and distancing well.

New Bern is a great walking town. The architecture is gorgeous for a small town, so walking around is fun. They have become somewhat of a tourist destination, so there are cute shops and great restaurants.

“Bern” means bear and if you don’t know this after a visit I’d be concerned for you. Bears are everywhere. some were even masked. It’s fun to see them. This one was on someone’s front porch. The Miller’s, I believe.

All in all, too short a trip (I have a platelets donation appointment tomorrow, so needed to get back), but a great little get-away. I know many of you are stir crazy travelers, too. I hope you get a safe escape soon.

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