A Little Bit Of Ballooning

So we went ballooning last night. I had given platelets that afternoon and wasn’t suppose to lift with my left arm, so I got off easy. I probably get off easy way too often. Everyone knows I’d rather be taking pictures.

We had some discussion after our flight last night about taking more precautions around the coronavirus. I’ve been crewing for close friends and we haven’t been masking. I’m comfortable with them and know they were isolating as I was.

Afterwards we often socialize with other pilots and crews, often eating, and we’re so used to being together sometimes you forget these are different times. More people are spending time around other people during their week. Less attention is being given to masking. And distancing.

There will be more discussion, especially with escalating statistics. We’re typically outside, but it is something to constantly evaluate. Yep, we’re all close friends, but you need to protect your friends.

Pilots who offer commercial rides definitely should be requiring masking. You’re in tight quarters. Our friends in the pink and purple balloon did mask for the flight and have set up guidelines for passenger flights. I have tremendous respect for how they are doing this. Here’s the link to the page on their website where they discuss it. Coronavirus Guidelines for Big Oh! Balloons

Charles and Tony wearing the masks

If you plan to take a hot air balloon ride, pay attention to how they view safety for this sort of thing. You can almost be guaranteed they pay attention to safety in all things ballooning if they change their policies for the coronavirus.

Taylor and Drew, thinking it through

It was a nice night for Taylor to get more practice with her instructor and boyfriend Drew. We’re so looking forward to her getting that pilot’s license. I am sure I will show some of the celebration here.

But for now, a few more pictures and a video of the launch for Taylor and another video right after takeoff of Charles. Our buddy Duncan showed up for the landing and that sweet guy did some of the heavy lifting. And my friend Jan is back in town and learning how to crew and chase balloons!

Taylor gets hot
That’s my friend Jan in the grey
Duncan – another balloon pilot of two years. Just finished his freshman year at NC State. We love him anyway. (I am a UNC grad.)
Hibiscus in flight
And they’re off!
Taylor and Drew launch

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