A Bit More Ballooning

Yep, more ballooning! Today was significant because my friend Jan took her first ever hot air balloon ride.

Introducing people to the joy of a balloon ride is a lot of fun to us. I still get excited to ride and will jump in the basket anytime anyone will take me.

Jan said she woke up about every hour last night, but was ready to go this morning. She said afterward that the adrenaline was in full gear.

Working for her ride

Like most people, she said the biggest surprise is that a ride is so smooth. When you’re following the wind it happens!

Drew was the pilot and as a competitor he did drop one baggie at a church to recover. He almost hit his target. It would have scored, but possibly not won the competition for him. But since he was the only one competing, he is champion of the day.

Drew explains the safety procedures

Taylor and I chased and we landed up the road from where we landed the other night. It was an easy chase and an easy recovery and no one even knew we were in the neighborhood.

Afterwards Jan and I decided to stop at Waffle House for breakfast. I just mention them because I am intrigued by how restaurants are handling the coronavirus guidelines. They did well. Their menu can be found by taking a picture of a QR-code and then brought up on your phone’s browser. I liked it! They also were keeping booths wiped down and employees were wearing masks. Great job everyone!

Taking it down and packing it up. She did it!
The launch – I thought the camera was on earlier 🙄
A good Sunday morning target, huh?
Duncan is the pilot of the other balloon

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