Flying the Skies in Oz

It was a beautiful night in our town, so the balloons we’re out. It was especially fun for me. I got to fly with my friend Marsha Treacy in her beautiful Wizard of Oz balloon, along with our friend Jenn Stecker.

Marsha was chosen to take the balloon all around the country in honor of the 80th anniversary of the movie. Can you believe that classic first hit theaters in 1939?

Photo by Candice Litton

I spent all of my growing up years waiting for that special night once a year when the movie would air. It was like a holiday. I guarantee my parents used it as a threat whenever we were misbehaving and it was one of the few things that would ensure I behaved! (Rogers and Hanerstein’s Cinderella was the other one that kept me in line.)

One of the big attractions when I was growing up was The Land of Oz in Beech Mountain. At the end of your tour (which began in Dorothy’s house, took you through a tornado and landed you in Oz) was a hot air balloon ride out of the park. I always wonder if I should say that was my first hot air balloon ride.

Our pilot, Marsha Treacy

While it closed down many years ago, they started opening it up one weekens a year to the public several years back. Parts are missing due to development that took some of the park (like the hot sir balloon ride), but it’s still a fun time.

Four of the other balloons. I realized I have flown with each of these pilots

With Covid they are just open for private tours and special events, but I hope they begin the occasional opening when everything settled down. In the meantime, here is their website.

But back to the balloons. We shared the skies with five other balloons tonight, all close friends of mine. It was beautiful and fun to take a few pictures from the sky.

All in all a tremendous way to end the weekend.

We’re always looking for reflections when we see water.


  1. Great to see you had grand gesture Kim

    I ‘m doing better making strides

    Saw the Neurologist despite I m not where I want to be he says I am progressing well duration of 8 months to 1 yr for recovery.

    Things will come it is important not to over exert myself and most importantly no more knocks to me Melon.

    I still look like I am constantly on Wowie Sauce lol. Comes with the territory

    Physio is going well as well have more range of motion in my neck my sensitivity of light has gotten better noise is still very extreme on scale of 10 -12 doesn’t help they are doing renovations in my Complex by me flat. Lol

    Here is latest Segment I’ve written check it out



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    1. I’m so glad you’re seeing progress, even if it is a bit slower than you would like it to be. Listen to the medical professionals and your body. It will heal in time. It all sounds a bit torturous, though. Keep looking for the joy in thr day. It has to be difficult now, but it is there.

      I enjoyed your segment, even tnough you are your normal dark self. 😉 You have a point, though. Some of the greatest fighters of justice come from darkness. There is a certain irony there, but it also makes sense. when you have suffered, you often develop a apirit of compassion and righteousness. As an adult, for example, you are able to speak for the tortured child. That really is a superpower.

      It’s been a rainy day here, so I have been sluggish. I have been trying to sort through my possessions to prepare to sell my house and move into a smaller apartment. I look forward to not having the responsibility for the house, though I hate this decluttering process. Right now everything is a mess, and I have barely started! It’s a slow process for me. I’m hoping the adrenaline kicks in at some point!

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