Come Join Me On News Break

I’m expanding!

I just joined the Creators program with News Break. It’s a good fit for what I love to write about – my real life and the people I see and the places I go. More of a Human Interest bent, in line with my blog content but taking it a bit farther.

I’ll write on other subjects, too, but do want local human interest stories and my travel through life to be the focus.

Here’s where you can download the app.

I need to get my number if followers up to 500, so anything you can do to help would be appreciated. The easiest way I have found to follow is to go to Following, then Discover, them type my name Kim McKinney in the magnifying glass.

I’m not giving up the blog, or on, but if this site does as promised it is a great fit for what I love to write about, as well as opening my work up to a larger audience.

If you’re a blogger with an interest in joining their Creators program, here is that link.

I appreciate any support you can give me. If you join Creators, let me know so I can return the favor and follow you. Also feel free to post your link in the Comments, in case others want to follow you,

I appreciate all of you who have supported my writing. Thank you for your generosity, encouragement, and kind thoughts,


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