Remembering O. Henry and His Life

Loving to read as I do, I clearly remember the first time I read The Gift of the Magi. I was on the young side of middle-school and found the story to be terribly romantic. I still do, though sometimes I admittedly read it a bit more cynically and think to myself ”Why is lack of communication seen as romantic?”

But then I decide it is not exactly a lack of communication, or even an inability to discuss money (because sometimes I believe it is that, too), but what O. Henry concludes – foolish kids who gave up their most precious gifts unwisely for their love of each other.

But then again, isn’t foolishness sometimes beautiful?

Here’s an article I wrote on this for News Break, and some extra pictures just for you. And yes, somebody had made sure O’Henry had a mask available, but unfortunately he is wearing it as those who make me cringe. Unless they are made of bronze.

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  1. Hahaha. I love the Gift of the Magi as well. Years ago, I saw a version on television that I believe starred Marie Osmond. Or perhaps that’s my middle-aged brain. But until this moment, I never thought – “they should’ve talked”. And yet, it’s true. You’re right: communication would’ve been a good idea.

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